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Welcome to the Flagstaff Foundry, a performing arts incubator

The Flagstaff Foundry is a true community variety show where anybody can perform just about any act! Sign up for the next show!

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Welcome to The Flagstaff Foundry!

The Foundry is a place where YOU can showcase your talent to a supportive, attentive, awesome audience! Do you aspire to perform stand-up comedy? Are you an aerial artist? Do you sing or dance? Do you currently perform or have a desire to perform some sort of act in front of an audience? If you answered “Yes!” to one or more of these questions, the Foundry is for you. Sign up today!

Upcoming Events

  1. Foundry! April Showers!

    April 25 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  2. Foundry time!

    May 23 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

2-22-2020 Foundry was tutu fun!

Well, Yours Truly was there and got some chuckles out of the Chomsky School of Business improv and two (2!) stand-up comedians. The Flagstone 4 didn’t fail to be funny – they felt flummoxed by a fluffy friend who turned furious.


We will give you a safe and supportive atmosphere to incubate your art and express yourself. We’ll produce shows that are so organized and well produced they border on professional but without an ounce of pretentiousness.


We will welcome you to the Foundry Family and give you experience staging a live show.


The Foundry is committed to providing affordable entertainment to the community. Your support helps us do just that.

Become An Intern

Foundry interns get top-notch experience in show production, non-profit management, and marketing. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!


We will give you a “non-professional” show that is great, fun, diverse, sentimental, provocative, absurd, and entertaining.

A Special Thanks to Our Supporters

Get Involved!


The Foundry adores our performers! Each month, the show is built from the acts that sign up, making it new, different, and exciting.



The Foundry only operates with amazing volunteers like you! Every single aspect of the show is run by folks who love the mission and want to be involved behind the scenes.



Care to chip in to help keep the lights on? It'll help keep our shows affordable, make us eternally grateful, and we will give you a nifty letter for a tax deduction!