The Foundry Board

The Foundry Board of Directors is a group of Flagstaff locals who are passionate about individual expression and the the performing arts. The Directors hail from a variety of backgrounds and professions, bringing a well-rounded wealth of experience and perspective to the organization. We are all just a little bit quirky, too! 

Garrison Garcia

Executive Director

Your Host, Garrison Garcia founded the Flagstaff Foundry and continues to serve as Executive Director and host of the show. Garrison is also the head writer for Foundry Radio, creator of the Flagstone Four, and performer with house improv teams Tiny Punches and Chomsky School of Business. All he really wants is for people to join the Foundry family by performing in a show, volunteering to help the cause, or to enjoy a night of cheap entertainment without pretension or pretenses.

Dawn Tucker

Board Member

Having grown up in Flagstaff, Dawn’s lifelong dream has been to pursue her passion for Performing Arts in her beautiful hometown. Dawn has a Master’s Degree in Shakespeare in Performance from the American Shakespeare Center in partnership with Mary Baldwin University and a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Wisconsin. She worked for five years as an actor and the Director of Education for Southwest Shakespeare Company in Mesa, Arizona. Dawn is the Executive Director of Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival and teaches Theatre and Acting at Coconino Community College.

Andres “Dapper Dre” Adauto

Board Member

Flagstaff famous and Northern AZ notorious for his sartorial extravagance and master of ceremony magnificence, Dapper Dre has been spittin’ on mics and pedaling bikes for the past dozen years! Debonair MC Extraordinaire for performance/dance/performance art events such as: Payback, Hullaballoo, Bowie Ball, Bike Party, Flagstaff Foundry, MOCAF, Viola Awards, Gatsby Night, Hungry Hearts Cabaret, Big Zona Burlesque, Coffee Couture, Flagstaff Urban Flea Market, roles in TILT & OPIA by Dark Sky Aerial and a few others…currently serving as the Museum of Contemporary Art – Flagstaff (MOCAF) Board President. Dre is the winner of the 2020 Viola Award for Community Impact – Individual. 

Dina Barnese

Board Member

Dina fell in love with The Flagstaff Foundry the first time she attended, where she witnessed an act that comprised sandwich-making to oboe music. Her mind was blown and she was hooked! As a lover of the performing arts and a performer herself, she is inspired by Foundry community and loves being involved. She serves as President of the Board, overseeing various business and administrative functions along with managing show tech. She loves the front and back of the house and has performed at the Foundry as well as producing several Foundry shows. She is the front woman for Flagstaff bands Rock Nine and F-Town Sound, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Flagstaff Music Festival

Brian Kinslow

Board Member

For years, Brian didn’t consider himself an artist or great supporter of the arts. But, it didn’t take long for the Flagstaff arts community to win over Brian, a transplant from the east coast. Before he knew it, he had taken an improv comedy course, was helping to run logistics at aerial arts performances, and even performed at an early Flagstaff Foundry. You’ll find Brian behind the scenes of most Foundry shows, and he serves on the board as Treasurer. He’s a strong believer that the arts provide much-needed hope, joy, and community in today’s difficult times, and is proud to help further the mission of the Foundry. Brian is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and co-owner of EVOLVE Flagstaff.

Jeff McCarroll

Board Member

A firm believer in love at first sight, Jeff stumbled into his first Foundry back in 2016 and he was smitten. With a background in administration and finance for several non-profit groups including support for foster/adopted children and those with chemical dependencies, Jeff hopes to be a helpful member on the board of this non-professional show that he loves so much! Jeff can be seen performing around town as one of the members of the Chomsky School of Business improv team. Jeff is eternally grateful for the Foundry and the beautiful people who make up this wonderful community!

Foundry Staff

In 2019, the Board recognized the need to have a passionate individual in charge of all the show details – someone to oversee everything from the show lineup to technical setup to managing the stage. They agreed to create the first (official) (volunteer!) Foundry position, the Producer. 

Chelsea Kearnes


Chelsea has always had a deep love for theatre and the arts. She has dual Bachelor’s degrees in Theatre Studies and Fitness Wellness from NAU and it was in her time at university that the Flagstaff Foundry was created. A foundry regular from the beginning, Chelsea has been seen performing improv with Tiny Punches and Chomsky School of Business as well as various other acts. She also does tech and helps out behind the scenes whenever she can. In her free time, you might find Chelsea out on a trail or in a canyon but come Foundry night, she’s at her favorite show in town! Chelsea is very excited to be taking on her role as Producer of the Flagstaff Foundry and can’t wait to see what new acts are brought to the show.

Foundry Interns

We love our interns!  At any given time, the Foundry can have one, two or even – wait for it – three interns!  We are always taking applications.  Check out our Internship page for more info!

Sarah Andrews


You’ve probably seen Sarah Andrews at a Foundry before – helping out at the bar or selling tickets.  She’s a long-time Foundry Fan and now, officially, our intern.  Like many an intern before, she’s not a theater geek.  She’s actually a student at NAU studying parks and recreation management.  Sarah is originally from Central Florida, the “land of alligator companions and flat lands with no canyons.” She loves hiking, biking, “journaling with colorful pens, crocheting warm gifts for friends, and writing impassioned letters I don’t intend to send.”  She finds that being part of the Foundry Family is fulfilling and good for the soul.  

Sarah is currently doing social media and communications for the Foundry and she worked with the tech team for the first time at the October show.  The Flagstaff Foundry thanks Sarah a million for her time and enthusiasm.

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