The Foundry Board

The Foundry Board of Directors is a group of Flagstaff locals who are passionate about individual expression and the the performing arts. The Directors hail from a variety of backgrounds and professions, bringing a well-rounded wealth of experience and perspective to the organization. We are all just a little bit quirky, too! 

Garrison Garcia

Executive Director

Your Host, Garrison Garcia founded the Flagstaff Foundry and continues to serve as Executive Director and host of the show. Garrison is also the head writer for Foundry Radio, creator of the Flagstone Four, and performer with house improv team Chomsky School of Business. All he really wants is for people to join the Foundry family by performing in a show, volunteering to help the cause, or to enjoy a night of cheap entertainment without pretension or pretenses. If you’ve got a flag to fly, Garrison wants to help you hoist it.

Dina Barnese

Board Member

Dina fell in love with The Flagstaff Foundry the first time she attended, where she witnessed an act that comprised sandwich-making to oboe music. Her mind was blown and she was hooked. As a lover of the performing arts and a performer herself, she is inspired by Foundry community and loves being involved. She serves as Chair of the Board and oversees various business and administrative functions along with producing the virtual shows. She loves the front and back of the house and has performed at the Foundry as well as managing production for several shows. Dina is the front woman for Flagstaff bands Rock Nine and F-Town Sound and serves on the Board of Directors for the Flagstaff Music Festival. She also hosts the PineStories Story Slam.

Sarah Andrews

Board Member

You’ve probably seen Sarah Andrews at a Foundry before – helping out at the bar or selling tickets.  She’s a long-time Foundry Fan and now, officially, our intern.  Like many an intern before, she’s not a theater geek.  She’s actually a student at NAU studying parks and recreation management.  Sarah is originally from Central Florida, the “land of alligator companions and flat lands with no canyons.” She loves hiking, biking, “journaling with colorful pens, crocheting warm gifts for friends, and writing impassioned letters I don’t intend to send.”  She finds that being part of the Foundry Family is fulfilling and good for the soul.  

Sarah joined the board in 2020 and serves as its Treasurer. 

Jeff McCarroll

Board Member

A firm believer in love at first sight, Jeff stumbled into his first Foundry back in 2016 and he was smitten. With a background in administration and finance for several non-profit groups including support for foster/adopted children and those with chemical dependencies, Jeff hopes to be a helpful member on the board of this non-professional show that he loves so much! Jeff can be seen performing around town as one of the members of the Chomsky School of Business improv team. Jeff is eternally grateful for the Foundry and the beautiful people who make up this wonderful community!

Geoffrey Whittaker

Board Member

From the very first show Geoffrey has been performing, attending, and coiling speaker cable for Flagstaff’s premiere variety show, The Foundry. He’s even had the privilege of filling the shoes of Garrison Garcia, the Foundry’s host, by co-hosting the Foundry with roof-partner and former Foundry board member Dre Adauto. If you happen to catch a show you’re bound to hear Geoffrey’s unnecessarily loud laugh emitting from the back. So, come enjoy a show! And remember, he’s not only a Foundry board member, he’s a client. 

Foundry Interns

We love our interns!  At any given time, the Foundry can have one, two or even – wait for it – three interns!  We are always taking applications.  Check out our Internship page for more info!

Margarita Cruz


Margarita Cruz recently received her MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University. Former editor-in-chief of Thin Air Magazine, she is currently a columnist for Flagstaff Live! and an assistant editor at Tolsun Books. Her works have been featured in PANK, the New Delta Review, and the Susquehanna Review among others. She’s in love with living and works towards creating dialogue between people about the ways in which we share our art, love, and hopes.

Margarita joined the Foundry as Intern in 2020 and helps out with curating art shows, writing, and other fun stuff. 

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