My last performance at the Foundry was a Trapeze Striptease. A Traptease?

This has been a season for me of doing things I’ve previously held myself back from. Things I felt were too different from my other pursuits and that I was worried might send mixed message about who I was or make me feel too vulnerable. Striptease on a trapeze checked both of these boxes. However, I’m trying to accept myself wholly and this is part of who I am.

The idea came originally from a video my trapeze instructor, Morgan Louvier at Momentum Aerial, showed me that Thomas Edison made of a “trapeze disrobing act.” That’s right, Thomas Edison used the most cutting edge technology available to make a video of a woman taking her clothes off on a trapeze in 1901. It was important to him and to prosperity. I told Foundry Sweetie (and Momentum Aerial co-owner) Joanie Garcia about this video and she asked me if I would do something like it for the Hungry Hearts Cabaret. I’de only been practicing Trapeze for about seven months and I’d never done a strip tease in my life, so naturally, I said yes. That performance was one month before the Foundry and, while I loved it, it was a bit of blur. The February 2019 Foundry performance allowed me to come back to the routine and perform it with more experience and training (I made a trip to Phoenix to put in some time with Aerial Burlesque goddess, Lindsay Maxfield) for a more intimate audience.

The Foundry audience made all the difference. They were happy to throw money, hoot and holler, and I got to make lots of eye contact. It was the perfect venue. I felt safe and sexy and had a wonderful time!

To augment the piece(and frankly, take a little pressure off my performance). I asked my good friend, Sean Golightly, to sing live during the routine. He chose the song “Until the Real Thing Comes Along” by Dean Martin and not only was it perfect to Burlesque to, the message really resonated. The message also changed for me over the course of the routine, but in the end I saw it as the story of really committing to what you love, whether or not you know how it will all pan out and whether or not it will always be what you love.

Aerial Burlesque is empowering and artistic and the most challenging thing I’ve ever undertaken as a performer (plus the costumes are adorable ?). I’ve been so lucky to discover trapeze and burlesque right when I needed the challenge and joy and excitement the most. I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of it at the Foundry and beyond.