Was there anything more comforting than seeing Garrison Garcia sporting his iconic bow tie last night and hosting the first virtual Flagstaff Foundry?  Yours truly felt a lot better!



I think Liz Gehret and Adam Barad felt the same way too!  Hi faithful Foundry friends!


And it that G2 wasn’t enough for you, how about that Viola Award Winner Dr. Dapper Dre preaching the benefits of clean hands and clean mind? 

Wesley Baron and Corina Roche drank the Kool-Aid or at least the Dr. Bronners.  Here they are rejoicing from home!

Sean Golightly sang a beautiful song “I’m Glad it’s You and You’re Glad it’s Me” about being stuck together in quarantine.  But that wasn’t all.  Dawn Tucker did a trapeze routine to the song in her living room.  Yours Truly wonders how many of you have trapezes in your living rooms?!

Kelsey Hontz opened the show will a great song about being isolated.  Evan Thibodeau danced with fire, Jed Hayes made us laugh and cry, Eric Dovigi played piano and sang his heart out.

Nick Jones (left) offered the virtual Garrison an actual drink.  Thanks Nick!








Yours Truly was particularly impressed that The Foundry pulled off two ensemble pieces – the Flagstone 4 and Chomsky School of Business improv.  The Flag 4 featuring special guests from  Flagstaff Foundry’s past – Claira Hart and Dennis Verrett as well as current favorites Becki Zaritsky, Jeff McCarroll, and Geoffrey Whittaker.

Casey Rutherford, Tyler and Mars Jones (left) loved the show.  Mars certainly outdid Zeke (below right) who fell asleep halfway through.  He watched the recording today…You can too at Flagstaff Foundry Facebook page or our YouTube channel.