We had lots of talent and fun at the Flagstaff Foundry last night.  Great costumes appeared on audience, volunteers, and performers, alike. Garrison came as Salvador Doily while his sweetie, Joanie, was Frito Kahlo.  When Joanie won the costume contest, we did say, “Hmmmmm”, but we do admit that she did have a great costume.

The normally dapper Dapper Dre showed up in a – well can you guess what his costume is?

At the show’s start, a very scary character appeared and asked Garrison if he wanted to play a little game. Turned out he was Handsaw the even scarier cousin of the guy from the Jigsaw horror movie franchise.  He proceeded to show us his pink squirty-thing and insisted we play “Hide the Pickle.”  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the pickle until after the show.

The rest of the evening was filled with amazing performances: bossa nova guitar with percussion, Liz on aerial ropes, a snazzy burlesque dance, Mason reading us his horrifying teen-aged diary entries, rhythmic spoken word, and we all sang “This Land is Your Land” just to remind ourselves what community is all about.

The Flagstone Four had to face one of the most dangerous villains of all – the Vapire – who seduced college students and Marley with her bubble-gum flavored vaping pen. (He came out of it ok, thank goodness!)  Chomsky School of Business, the house improv team, stared off into space (see below) then sprung into action becoming Prescott residents (an audience suggestion), flyboys, cougars, and people making wormy apple cider (another audience suggestion) and wormy tequila.


Sign in again for all the Hot Gos from the Foundry.  Yours, Mare for the Foundry