Hi, I’m Mare Schumacher. Maybe you heard me tell a story at the Flagstaff Foundry.  Bringing a dead squirrel back to life.  Getting arrested for protesting in Manhattan.  What happens when a non-planner and a planner fall in love.  Sound familiar?  Or maybe I’ve sold you a ticket or given you encouragement to perform at the Foundry.

Back in 2016, I saw my first Foundry and was wowed by it.  What is this thing?

So, I told my protest-arrest story at a show and it was fun.  I helped move chairs at the end of that show and the next show and the next.  I found myself selling tickets and mopping and buying tape we needed and before I knew it, I was part of the family.

Maybe six months after my first show, Flagstaff Foundry creator/director/producer/ emcee Garrison Garcia asked me, “Do you want to produce the next one?  I’m going to be out of town.”

“Oh, HECK no!” I said, “I know how to put away chairs.  That’s it.”

“Well, maybe we’ll cancel the show then,” Garrison sighed, tears forming in his eyes.

“WHAT?!  No way!  OK, I’ll do it,” I relented.

“Great!  I’ve got all of the instructions written down and I’ll get a few people to help,” said Garrison.

I had three weeks to figure this out.  The show would surely be a flop and my career as a producer/director was going to end before it began.  Or was it?

Next time: It’s Show Time!