Over the 2018 fall semester I had the incredible opportunity to fulfill my Arts and Cultural Management internship requirement by doing an internship with the Flagstaff Foundry! What a wonderfully friendly and inclusive community to be a part of! It was always so inspiring to be at the shows and witness how supportive the audience was of people performing, regardless if the performer was a Foundry favorite or someone performing at the Foundry for the first time ever. The board members of the Foundry are also incredibly supportive and thoughtful individuals, which really helped foster a safe and fun learning environment for me as their intern. They even went out of their way to give me a farewell present (pictured above) that has really come in handy for the temperamental English weather I now experience daily.

Even now, the Foundry still continues to be a part of my life and I a part of the Foundry. Even though I am now an ocean away, I still plan on being a Foundry volunteer and audience member when I return to NAU. The Foundry is a truly unique component of Flagstaff’s art scene and there is an inspiring sense of creativity and inclusiveness that pulses through the Foundry atmosphere- both in the monthly performances and in the board meetings. There really is nothing like this nonprofessional show anywhere in the world! I only see the Foundry growing as a nonprofit in the coming years and continuing to provide a safe environment for emerging talent within the Flagstaff Community! If you haven’t been, I highly recommend checking it out!!