As a first timer attending The Foundry, I was completely unprepared to be inspired to offer my time volunteering as The Foundry intern. That night, the collective mood in the theater was palpable as a woman in a large cotton candy wig and Victorian bustier unpacked random items from a large pink suitcase with a strange and comical explanation for each item. Then, an official ‘Person Off’ took place. The changes in the crowd’s mood from act to act were a powerful indicator of what a rare experience this is. The course of the show made me ponder how much authentic expression we really allow ourselves to experience. I saw people being vulnerable and authentic and having a fantastic time. It reminded me of what, as a child, I had expected life to feel like.

I am thankful that the Foundry exists as an outlet for our unique and creative community members.  It is a place for honest feedback and support for otherwise unseen talents.

I have had a great time so far interacting with and learning from the weird and gifted minds that collaborate to produce this unique community building experience every month. I hope this tradition continues to grow and offers more opportunities for people to come and express themselves. It is a welcoming, open minded group. The personalities of those involved and the platform they provide is a great asset to the Flagstaff community.