The Foundry is coming! The Foundry is coming! 

Can’t you hear it? Can’t you imagine it?

Sure, it’s still virtual. But we’re doing something different!

Last year at this time, we were hustling to take our show from an intimate monthly gathering to your personal devices, and we did it! Along the way, we lost some of the camaraderie of audience whispers, giggles, guffaws, and heckles to the more quiet Facebook chats and text chains. We hear that! The awkward silences that fill those spaces are felt by performers and audience members alike.

For performers, it kind of felt like this:

*cue the crickets*

We can’t rub elbows or cheer so loud we break the ear drums of the person next to us, but we’re trying something a little different to bring you that experience! Not only will you be able to hear others react/laugh/scream/heckle, the performers will be able to hear their favorite sound: you! (Well, maybe not their favorite favorite sound, but pretty close). 

This month, we’re taking the show to Zoom, where VIP audience members can be part of the show just like old times (almost).

For only $5, you can virtually join us behind the scenes by logging into an exclusive Zoom room as our very own live laugh track! And if that’s not your jam, you can still catch us fee-free on the usual platforms!

Buy your VIP tickets now!

Here’s how it works:

Once you buy your tickets, we’ll send you the Zoom link and additional info. Then, you’ll log in a few minutes ahead of showtime to adjust your audio settings, turn off your camera, and do a sound check with us. Then all that’s left to do is sit back, enjoy the show, and don’t hold back!

Meet us on Zoom, Facebook, or Youtube Saturday night 3/27 at 8pm!

Don’t forget, there’s an open invitation to sign up and perform! 

We’ll be back some day, but for right now keep incubating your work with us on the virtual screen! We can’t wait to see you on  S – A – T – U – R – D – A – Y NIGHT!