Well everyone was looking as dapper as Dapper Dre last night at the Violas – even Yours Truly put on a flowy pair of pants and was wearing not a speck of fleece!  The Foundry didn’t win an award but we lost to Lunar Legacy, a multi-organization science/art collaboration that was, Yours Truly admits, pretty impressive.

The Foundry Goose was there as were Garrison Garcia and Joanie Grant Garcia, fabulous founders of The Flagstaff Foundry.  Garrison did some fundraising for the Flagstaff Arts Council, so we got to see him on the Jumbotron several times, including in the video reel of nominees for “Community Impact – Organization” in which he talked about the history and meaning of the Foundry.  See link here.  But the audience was spellbound when he rode a mountain bike around the room with all of us yelling “Bike PARTAYYYY!” and – wait for it – he rode it up the steps to the podium.  Check out the video to be wowed here.

Garrison also, reluctantly, ate a (allegedly edible) flower, as Joanie Garcia and Mare Schumacher cheered him on. One of the best parts of the night was when the “Community Impact – Individual” award went to Dapper Dre, beloved friend and Foundry Board member.  See the video for a part of his speech.  He says, “I do a lot and it’s because Flagstaff has allowed me to do a lot.  And it’s all because of you.  If I had more energy and more heart, I could do more.”  In the opinion of Yours Truly, there is no way you could do more than you do, Dapper Dre!  Dre Speech link

The Foundry is becoming so well known that it was on everyone’s lips last night.  No longer does Yours Truly have to whip out the elevator speech to explain it to everyone!  Three nominations three years in a row has put us on the arts map, ya’ll.

Dawn Tucker, another beloved Board member and friend of the F2 as well as Director of Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival, also got to take the podium to receive an award for “Indecent.”  As you know, Flagshakes often performs scenes from their plays at the Foundry and always lends us their chairs.

See more pictures of Dapper Dre, James Yi and Sarah Andrews, Jeff McCarroll and Kelli Cvercko, Dina Barnese and Tim, James Yi, Geoffrey Whittaker, Brian Kinslow, Abby Chan and Garrison, Rodrigo de Toledo, Becki Zaritsky.