When I meet people new to Flagstaff, I always say, “You gotta come to the Foundry!”  When they ask, “What is the Foundry?” I often grasp for a meaningful description.  “It’s a show where anyone can do anything – like make a peanut butter sandwich to an oboe solo!” I say enthusiastically, “I heard about that act and it convinced me to go.”  When I see the looks on their faces, I know I haven’t really captured all that the Foundry has to offer.

Garrison Garcia, our Founder/Executive Director/Master of Ceremonies likes to say, “It’s Flagstaff’s only adult variety show!” and that’s a pretty good description except that the “adult” congers up the wrong image for some people and “variety show” has sort of a campy 60s TV show feel to it.

So now I’ve put together some pics and clips that answer the question.  What is the Flagstaff Foundry? is a two and a half minute video on the fun, excitement, talent, and community of the Flagstaff Foundry.  Enjoy!