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Ashley Matelski

Owner/Artist @ Art Loft Collective

Ashley is a Flagstaff artist with a focus on Southwest botanicals and scenic landscapes. Originally from Wildwood, Illinois, Ashley moved to Arizona in 2006. Since then she has floated between Flagstaff and Washington state, working in multiple job fields looking for a place to plant roots and call home.

While living in Washington, Ashley took advantage of working with the Washington Conservation Corps and all they had to offer. She obtained certifications for Wilderness First Responder, Hazmat FEMA Training, Wildland Fire Red Card, Disaster Response Training, Grant Writing as well as extensive knowledge in native plant identification.

Ashley was called back to Flagstaff in 2015 when she was offered full time work at a river company in the Grand Canyon. During this time Ashley started focusing back on art again and incorporated plants of the southwest to help her learn about the ecology of the area she was now happy to call home again. Since moving back, Ashley has switched her career focus from seasonal outdoor jobs to pursuing art full-time.

From a very young age, she knew she wanted to be an artist. Bouncing between many mediums growing up, her current focus is pyrography & watercolor on locally sourced wood. She recently expanded her studio into a larger space known as the Art Loft Collective, a local studio and gallery for artists to teach, learn and show their work. Ashley’s dream is to build a space for everyone to feel welcome creating. She hopes to strengthen her community through creative workshops and events.

When she’s not in the studio you can find her skiing, boating or on the trails.

Follow Ashley and her creative endeavors:
@AshleyMatelskiArt @ArtLoftCollective