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Kayley Quick

​Kayley Quick is a local artist and a 2009 graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in art education. In addition to pursuing her personal art, Kayley shares her love of the creative with her students as an art teacher at Flagstaff High School. She has created several concert posters for bands such as the Beach Boys, REO Speedwagon, Widespread Panic, and Michael Franti & Spearhead, among many others and her work has been featured in books such as Poster Children: Artwork of Widespread Panic. Additionally, Kayley’s art has been displayed at several local venues, including the Coconino Center for the Arts, and she has completed many local murals to date.

Kayley’s work combines realistic portraiture with abstract elements, often combining reality with the fantastic to explore the line at which the two meet and to allow viewers to connect with her work on a more emotional level. In a world so consumed with trouble, Kayley strives to create something beautiful, although it’s more than just wanting to make pretty things. Her goal is to create art to help people get out of their mental space, even if it’s just for a moment. Everyone needs a break once in awhile and Kayley’s work provides a temporary respite. She likes the feeling of falling in love with beauty and hopes to help others connect with that feeling as well through her work.

Garrison interviewed Kayley for this show – check out the video to learn about how she approaches art, her processes, and her philosophy on how you can support local artists. Scroll down further to see her work. We love Kayley!


Buffalo 2

Buffalo 3

Curious Fox


Succulents 1

Succulents 2



Deer 2


Red Fox




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