Note Louis

I am a native american woman who hails from the great Navajo Nation. I make mixed media art as well as create art with discarded objects. My art is inspired by the world around me as well as my culture. I have traveled and lived in many places and I sometimes believe that I have lived many lives in those different times.  I live a multifaceted life as a partner to an amazing woman, a parent, graphic designer, part time wildland/ structure firefighter, artist, videographer and basketball coach. My favorite art that I love to do is the one that speaks to me at that moment, whether it’s building a lamp from a discarded carburetor or water coloring with my family. I just love creating!

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece of Note’s artwork, contact Heather at 928-699-5435

Hoop Dancer

Mask Up

End of the Trail Trooper

Stormtrooper Dancer

49 Trooper

Confetti Trooper



My Force Is Stronger


Protect Our Elders

Look At All My Books

NM Roadrunner

Desert Scene





Firehouse Mural